Artificial lawn was first offered as a no-mow and no-water green grass alternative in the 1970s. Plastic grass blades, however, fell short of expectations. Realistic-looking artificial lawns come with a lot of benefits, such as not requiring reseeding, watering, fertilizing, or mowing, which makes them allergy and pet-friendly.

Artificial lawn

Synthetic turf, sometimes known as artificial lawn, is a surface that resembles real grass. Homes and sporting arenas can benefit from its low maintenance, durability, and environmental friendliness. When installing artificial turf, make sure the surface is level, and well-draining, and that the type is appropriate for places with heavy traffic or shade.

With the right maintenance, the turf will look good and survive for many years. Even though it costs more upfront, keeping a gorgeous lawn over time pays off in the long run.

Artificial lawn cost

Polyethylene-based artificial lawns come in a price range of £8 to £30 per square meter. The average price is around £15 per square meter, varying based on the installation quality. Although the upfront cost might be higher compared to natural grass, artificial grass offers long-term savings by reducing expenses on water, fertilizer, and maintenance. Artificial grass is low-maintenance and generally costs around £25 per square meter for installation. In contrast, natural grass demands regular watering, mowing, and fertilization.

Artificial grass from our factory

In regions prone to drought, a low-maintenance option is artificial grass, which is composed of sturdy synthetic materials. It is the ideal answer as it doesn’t need sunlight or water to stay green. The Egy Sports Factory sells premium goods composed of long-lasting synthetic materials. To make the installation quick and simple, you just need to remove the old lawn, level the ground, and roll out the grass.

Leading artificial lawn provider Egy Sports Factory provides a variety of goods for amateur and professional sports arenas. Our products are a great option for anyone looking for high-quality turf because of their reputation for longevity and realistic appearance. Egy Sports Factory is a dependable provider offering a large assortment of products at cheap prices.

When considering budget and desired appearance, it is important to keep in mind that artificial lawns may not look as authentic as genuine grass and may require less maintenance.

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