Football turf is the name given to artificial turf systems that meet the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf standards. FIFA synthetic turf standards ensure that the turf provides optimal playing performance, safety, durability, and quality assurance for football. FIFA awards two quality marks to certified football turf pitches: FIFA QUALITY for community and amateur use, and FIFA QUALITY PRO for professional-level football. Football turf is a viable alternative to natural grass for football.

FIFA synthetic turf standards

FIFA synthetic turf standards are the criteria that artificial grass systems must meet to be certified by FIFA. These standards cover the following aspects of the turf:

  • How it affects the player’s interaction with the surface, such as traction, shock absorption, and skin friction.
  • the ball’s interaction with the surface, such as bounce, roll, and speed.
  • composition of different materials, such as yarn, infill, and backing.
  • How it resists weather conditions, such as UV radiation, heat, and moisture.
  • How long the turf lasts and how well it maintains its performance and quality over time.

FIFA tests the turf in the laboratory and on the field, and awards two quality marks: FIFA QUALITY for community and amateur pitches, and FIFA QUALITY PRO for professional-level pitches. These marks indicate that the turf meets the FIFA synthetic turf standards and provides optimal playing characteristics for football.

what are FIFA pitch requirements?

FIFA pitch requirements are the standards that FIFA sets for the design, construction, and maintenance of football turf pitches. Some of these requirements are:

  1. The field of play shall has continuous lines, with recommended dimensions of 105 meters x 68 metres1.
  2. It must be level and without undulation, and the grassed area should extend beyond the boundaries to ensure player safety.
  3. The field must pass the test and be certified with FIFA QUALITY mark.
  4. It should be equipped with the necessary equipment and benches for teams and officials.

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