The Padel court builders take center stage, shaping the way we experience one of the fastest-growing racquet sports globally – Padel. As enthusiasts and professionals alike seek top-notch facilities to indulge in this exciting article, the Padel court builders emerge as a pivotal player, weaving the dreams of players into the very fabric of the court. Consequently, these builders not only influence the physical infrastructure but also play a crucial role in defining the overall Padel experience.

You can also join us on a journey where precision, passion, and play converge, all crafted by the skilled hands of the Padel court builders.

To promote the development of Padel in Egypt but also in other countries, our factory designed and modeled the infrastructure necessary for the practice of this new sport according to the requirements of the International Federation of Padel and the French Federation of Tennis.

Padel court builders

Padel court Specification

There are some specifications for most common padel courts, they are as follows:

  • The Padel dimensions is 20.00 x 10.00 m or 200 m ².
  • Height is 4.00 m on widths and returns and 3.00 m on lengths.
  • A metallic frame lacquered in RAL 7016 with anti-corrosion.
  • Rigid mesh in 50 mm mesh.
  • Security glass panels on widths (thickness from 10 to 12 mm).

Project study and monitoring

From the project to the realization, from standard to personalization, our commercial technical team in most Padel court builders follow the following steps to study and monitor the project of Padel court:

  1. First, Listen, analyze, advice, and personalized follow-up on your project
  2. Site visit to the court place
  3. Help in setting up your specifications
  4. Modeling your project
  5. Exchanges with masterpieces
  6. Finally, make technical support for your file until the completion of the work


All our equipments exist in our Egy Sports Factory which is one of the padel court builders which allows us to Ensuring meticulous quality control at each manufacturing stage is paramount. Additionally, maintaining traceability of all materials used is a fundamental practice. Moreover, manufacturing processes are executed with profound respect for the environment.

Furthermore, adherence to the specifications outlined by the International Federation of Padel, the French Federation of Tennis, and the prevailing European standards is consistently upheld.

Loading from our workshop using handling equipment

There are three methods to load padel tools to its place; they are: transporting by truck, unloading by our installer teams, and finally, the installation process.

Displacement all over Egypt and around the world

The displacement can be done by the following steps:

  1. Respect for the time limits.
  2. Preparation of calculation notes in compliance with standards in force.
  3. Use of handling equipment specific to handling glass panels.
  4. Synthetic coating pose, needle carpet, PVC, or any other type of coating.

In Conclusion, our Egy Sports Factory and our manufacturing techniques comply with the specifications of the French Federation of Tennis. If you need a high-quality padel court Design, contact us through our Website and Facebook.