Padel Courts: Using dependable partners, Egypt Sports Factory produces a beautiful, premium Padel court Construction Company in Africa for this sport. Furthermore, continue reading to find out more about this emerging sport or get in touch with us to talk about your requirements.

Padel Court Construction Company

With over 10 years of experience in the field of sports construction, we have constructed thousands of sports facilities.

We mix tradition and innovation to create secure facilities, whether they are for traditional favorites like tennis or Padel.

By collaborating with reputable partners like our factory, the leading padel court manufacturer, we build courts that meet your performance.

How much does it cost to build a padel court?

A brand-new padel court will often set you back between £55,000 and £80,000 in the USA. However, like any sports construction project, the cost varies depending on several aspects, including the extent of groundwork and court specifications.

These variables include the following: the extent of the necessary groundwork; the number of courts; the necessary base, sub-base, and drainage system; the artificial turf surface of choice; and the environmental mitigation techniques. Equipment, fence, and floodlighting needs.

Beyond Padel Court Construction Company, you might need additional work in the form of civil engineering and auxiliary equipment. This can include things like driveways and access routes, all of which you may want to account for in project cost. If you would like a quote based on your needs or an example of a thorough breakdown of project costs, please get in contact.

What is the benefit of padel over tennis?

Because padel courts are 25% smaller than tennis courts, constructing them requires less space. This suggests that smaller locations can more easily incorporate padel to maximize underutilized areas for sports.

This game is a social sport that players most frequently engage in doubles formats, thereby maximizing space consumption.

Padel is easier for players of all ages making it a more accessible sport than tennis. Moreover, it is gaining traction from tennis clubs, recreation centers, and educational institutions. This popularity is attributed to its potential for profit and promotion of physical activity.

Our Padel court construction company

To build high-quality padel courts in Africa, Egy Sports Factory, a Padel court construction company collaborates with top manufacturers

Our in-house civil engineering team designs artificial grass to provide synthetic surfaces. Furthermore, they are experienced in building excellent drainage systems.

Please get in contact on our Facebook page if you have any further inquiries about Padel. You can schedule a free site visit to talk about your new court.