Do you have a passion for Padel, the newest fad in sports? This exciting sport, a combination of tennis and squash, is sometimes referred to as padel tennis. However, since this popularity is relatively new in Africa, not many courts are specifically designed for the sport. This article will cover everything from surface materials and court design to Padel court construction cost.

Nonetheless, both players and spectators may have an exhilarating time when playing padel on a court that construction experts have expertly built. However, you need to be aware of the expenses and design options associated with building a padel court before you begin construction.

Padel court construction cost

Your Padel court construction cost will likely be between $24,000 and $65,000 on average, depending on several variables like the caliber of the materials used, the level of competition, and your location.

Use our padel court cost calculator for both indoor and outdoor courts to receive a personalized cost estimate for your construction project.

Factors Influencing Padel Court Construction Cost

Like any sport, several factors affect how much your padel court construction project will end up costing in total. To help you properly prepare for your project, let’s break each down.

Level of competition

Which athletes are you planning to host at your facility? Think about getting a more resilient surface that can handle the regular hammering of padel matches if you plan to welcome both professionals and amateurs.

Professionals’ needs will be very different from those of young learners or casual players. Selecting the precise design elements and materials required for your court will be much easier if you have a clear understanding of who your ideal participant is.

  • Size: Professional padel courts have to be between 33 and 66 feet in size; recreational courts are exempt from these rules.
  • Flooring: Professional courts require an artificial turf floor, although recreational courts may get away with laying an asphalt surface.
  • Professional panels feature glass walls on the back and sides that are transparent.
  • padel courts are subject to rules and restrictions for illumination, but recreational courts are exempt from these laws.
  • Professional courts may have amenities like scoreboards, bleachers, locker rooms, etc.


Padel court construction cost is a fun way to provide your athletes with a special and entertaining experience. Moreover, you may have a long-lasting, enjoyable, and safe court with the correct setup, supplies, and partner. If you want to start planning ahead of time, get a free estimate using our online cost calculator.

Additionally, to help you acquire exactly what you need, we will put you in touch with knowledgeable locals. For further assistance, contact our Egy Sports Factory through our Facebook page.