The National Safety Council reports that over 200,000 children are hurt on playgrounds annually. The majority of these injuries occur when children fall to the ground from the equipment. Hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt cause more severe injuries, such as concussions and fractured bones. Replacing hard ground with softer materials, such as rubber playground tiles, is one approach to make playgrounds safer.

The rubber tiles offer several advantages and are manufactured from recycled tires. Because they are softer than concrete, they may lessen the severity of wounds.

Rubber Playground Tiles

We wish kids well into the future, safety, and happiness. It makes sense that we would want to give our children access to a playground that is as safe as possible. Rubber playground tiles are growing in popularity because of this.

Rubber playground tiles provide a safe and cushioned surface for people, especially children, to play on. Manufacturers create them from recycled tires. These tiles are perfect for playgrounds because they are neither prone to slipping nor falling. They also require very little maintenance and are simple to install.

Rubber Tiles Home Depot

Rubber floorings are becoming very popular as a way to make playgrounds safer. You can find these tiles at many home improvement stores, and you can use them to create a wide range of patterns.Though there are many more hues and designs available, red and black are two of the most well-liked ones.

Rubber flooring in black are popular since they don’t reveal stains and grime as easily. People like red rubber playground tiles for their vivid color, which enhances the enjoyment of play.

How to Install Rubber flooring for playgrounds

Rubber tile installation is simple and can be completed by anyone with a few basic tools as follow:

  1. Clear the space where you wish to lay the tiles. Verify that the surface is level and clear of any trash.
  2. Next, arrange the tiles in the appropriate configuration.
  3. After that use nails or adhesive . If you’re using glue, coat the tiles’ undersides with it before firmly pressing them into position.
  4. You can trim any extra material around the edges.

Rubber Playground Tiles are shock-absorbing, non-slip, and fall-protective. Egy Sports Factory manufactures rubber tiles for playgrounds with the following benefits:

  • The tiles can absorb shocks
  • Our rubber products provide some fall protection since they are shock-absorbing and slip-resistant
  • playground rubber tiles can aid in lowering noise levels
  • Simple cleaning of these tiles
  • We offer competitive costs
  • High-quality rubber tiles that suit any surface or floor.

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