A newly planted, verdant grass is an indication of a well-maintained house. What happens, though, if your grass is harmed, uneven, or you have to start over? If you are thinking about putting in a new lawn, turf rolls are a common option.

People call large sections of sod that have been wrapped up turf rolls. They can instantly add a lawn to your house and are simple and quick to install.

What are turf rolls?

One of the various varieties of artificial grass that are currently on the market is turf rolls. We make them to offer a lawn that looks natural without requiring frequent watering or cutting. We offer them in a range of hues and textures, and we often compose them of a plastic and nylon blend.

grass rolls have the primary benefit of requiring very little upkeep. Turf rolls don’t require fertilizer or watering, unlike genuine grass. They also won’t draw pests like moles or grubs, so you won’t have to mow them. With the right maintenance, turf rolls are also incredibly resilient and can endure for many years.

How can grass rolls benefit your lawn?

Turf rolls are a simple and practical solution to quickly transform your grass. They may offer a green, healthy look, fill in bare spots, and help level out uneven lawns. These rollers have several advantages for your lawn.

  • Grass rolls can help level out uneven areas of your grass. They can also assist in covering any areas of your body.
  • The ability of grass rollers to give your lawn a more verdant, healthy look is another advantage.
  • They may also make it simpler to maintain your grass. these rolls have the potential to retain moisture and inhibit the growth of weeds.

What are the different types of turf rolls?

Turf rolls come in a variety of forms to accommodate a range of demands and price points. The pre-rolled turf is the most popular kind of turf roll. The turf is rolled out and trimmed to size on the prepared surface. Compared to other varieties of turf, it is less expensive and simpler to install.

Another kind of turf roll is sod. We slice a bigger section of turf into sod, and then we roll it up. Although it costs more, this choice is more long-lasting and robust.

One kind of turf roll is instant turf. After rolling out this grass and giving it some water, the seeds will begin to sprout. Although it costs more, this is the quickest way to obtain a new lawn.

Egy Sports Factory produces Turf Rolls for a range of clients. Sports fields and lawns are two of their main markets. The organization offers a range of sizes and colors to suit the needs of the consumer. The business also provides a range of extras, including local delivery, down payment alternatives, and installation. Contact us through our Facebook page.