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Acrylic Standard System

This surface system is composed of components that are produced with 100% pure acrylic latex polymers. It is a covering that can be used during all four seasons and that it has an aesthetical, long-lasting, and textured structure with a topcoat covering colored with UV resistant pigments provide the players with an opportunity to play comfortably and with a good performance.

As it is used as a tennis court floor covering, it is also safely used in multipurpose outdoor play fields for basketball, volleyball, and handball. It is classified as number 2 by ITF (ITF pace rate:2). As it is recommended to be used on the asphalt floor, it can also be used on suitable concrete floors after the surface preparations are made with proper primer systems.

Made: Acrylic / +Cushion Rubber
Color: All colors
Resistance: All climatic conditions / Not flammable
Suitable for: Indoor/Ourdoor sport areas, Fitness centers, Tennis courts, Multipurpose sport field
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