We will look at how much it costs to build a padel court in this article. The Padel court construction process is becoming more and more in demand as more individuals take up the activity. There aren’t too many courts accessible, though.

Padel Court Construction Process

Making sure you have enough space before starting is crucial because building a padel court takes a lot of it. Ideally, the dimensions of a padel court should be 10 meters wide by 20 meters long; however, if space is at a premium, you can construct a smaller court. The steps to construct a padel court are as follows:

Prepare the ground

The court’s construction site needs to be leveled and free of any vegetation. Because shifting of the earth could impact the playing field, it is necessary to make sure that it is stable.

Build the foundation

A solid base is necessary for the court to last a long time. Usually, builders utilize a base consisting of a 15-20 cm thick concrete slab. To prevent the slab from breaking, they require steel mesh reinforcement.

Install the fencing

Glass walls and metal mesh fences enclose pedals. To keep the ball from exiting the court, the fencing should be four meters high in addition to the usual three meters for the walls. It’s critical to select premium materials that are resilient to weather.

Put in the artificial turf.

Artificial turf makes up the padel court’s playing surface. Selecting superior turf that is made especially for padel is crucial. Correct installation of the turf is necessary to guarantee a level and smooth playing field.
Install the lights.Playing padel in the evening or dimly lit areas requires lighting. Installing the illumination at a minimum height of 6 meters is necessary to avoid interfering with play.

Draw the lines indicating the courts

Paint or tape must be used to indicate the court lines. The court is 10 meters by 20 meters in size, with net heights of 88 cm in the middle and 92 cm at the posts.

Common mistakes to avoid when designing a padel court
You should be aware of several typical risks even if hiring a skilled Padel court construction process might help you avoid problems.

  • Early planning should take the entire cost into account because nothing stops building more quickly than a lack of funding. Make sure you have planned and are ready.
  • Ignore the usual measurements; your athletes require an ample amount of space to maneuver. Your court must comply with IPF requirements.
  • Choosing the wrong materials: Steer clear of things that could injure your gamers.
  • Finally, ignoring the significance of lighting—keeping everyone safe and the action flowing as you can see the ball as it zips around the court.

It is crucial to remember that adding custom features like branded fencing or distinctive lighting might make constructing a Padel court considerably more expensive.

You must also take into account the cost of continuing upkeep, which includes cleaning, fixing, and replacing artificial turf every five to ten years.

In conclusion, the Padel court construction process can be a big financial commitment, but it can also yield years of fun for Padel players. Our Egy Sports Factory is the best place to install and build padel courts. We offer excellent prices and services. You can contact us through our Facebook or our official website.