Building top-notch courts is essential, whether your goal is to improve your skills by practicing at home or to start your own padel club with friends to share your passion for the game. To encourage fun and competitive play, both privately owned and publicly accessible courts should adhere to a set of Padel court construction standards in addition to fulfilling specific regulations.

Padel courts and tennis courts may appear to be very similar to the uninitiated eye. But there are a few significant variations to be aware of. We will walk you through the key considerations for establishing a padel court, including its size, features and cost.

What is Padel court?

The playing field for the sport of padel is called a padel court. Padel courts are rectangular with a net in the center, just like tennis courts. The Padel courts are smaller than tennis courts by a quarter to a third and have walls around them.

Padel court construction standards

A padel court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. Its minimum overall dimensions should be 11 x 21 m, or 231 m2, with a minimum clearance of 0.5 m.

Indoor courts or those enclosed by a shelter should have ceilings that are at least 6 meters high. But 8 meters or more is preferable since it offers more complex gaming and larger lobbies. At their tallest point, the walls reach a height of 4 m above the floor and 1 m metal fence at the top.

Lower the walls in steps of one meter in the direction of the court’s center, and bring them to a height of two meters. A net divides the length of this court in half. There are parallel service lines that are 6.95 meters out from the net. The net itself should have a maximum height of 92 cm on the edges and 88 cm in the middle, with a length of 10 m.

To guarantee a smooth game, it is also critical to keep obstacles off the court and in its vicinity.
If you wish to make your courts public, especially for competitions, you must adhere to the dimensions defined and advised by the International Padel Federation and Padel court construction standards.

We have covered all you need to know about padel courts, including their specifications, features, construction. The only things left to do are select a court and begin playing, or begin creating.

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