Padel is one of the most common sports in recent years even rivaling popularity with activities like running. As with other sports where speed is an important factor, Padel court lighting and the ball is essential for participants and spectators.

Padel court lighting

Probably one of the fundamental questions when analyzing this type of installation since, as we know, with the advent of LED technology, we have to look at the lumens and not the watts to find out the amount of light emitted by a luminaire. In this case, however, we should reword the question as follows: What is the minimum level of lighting required?

The lighting level is measured at ground level and in lux, not in lumens. The number of lumens in a luminaire indicates the amount of light it emits, not the amount of light received at a given point.

By standard UNECE 12193, we will distinguish several minimum horizontal lighting levels required. These depend on the level of competition and the location, namely whether it is an interior or exterior track. For example, for an outdoor recreational runway, we will need a 200 lux illumination with a uniformity of 0.5.

On the other hand, in a short exterior where professional-level competitions take place, the requirements increase to 500 lux and a uniformity of 0.7.

Reduce glare

Glare is a phenomenon that we have already talked about and which, in general, makes vision difficult and can severely limit it.

In Padel courts, unlike tennis, lob and smash are very common blows. This means that players must constantly look up to follow the trajectory of the ball.

That’s why it’s crucial to carefully consider how to minimize the effects of glare in our lighting system and, most importantly, to use luminaires specially designed for this purpose.

Location of headlamps on the runway

It is usual to place two light points on each « length » of the track and outside its enclosures.
It defines how lighting should be achieved not only quantitatively (illumination and uniformity) but also qualitatively ( glare and color rendering).

Types of padel court lighting for the runway

  • Lighting type I: Generally national or international. Generally in large rooms with many spectators.
  • Class II lighting: medium-level competition. Regional and local competitions or high-level training.
  • Lighting type III: training and physical movement.

LED projectors for recommended padel tracks

When choosing the best projectors for Padel court lighting, it is best to opt for products in the range of projectors for stadiums. With power ranges ranging from 50W to 1250W, it can be used not only on padel grounds and other sports facilities but also in outdoor areas where powerful lighting and sustainability are necessary.

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