Padel is a growing sport, involving more and more athletes of all levels and all ages. Padel court maintenance in synthetic grass are multiplying all over the world, although the ongoing pandemic crisis has forced even sports centers to put in place extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, proper cleaning and disinfection of rooms, passage areas, equipment, and sports grounds must ensure the safety of sports facilities.

In the case of the synthetic grass padel ground, it is essential to add constant disinfection of the structure to ensure the grass maintenance .

Maintenance Of Synthetic Grasss For Padel Courts

Padel court maintenance with synthetic lawn is essential to maintain the technical characteristics of the installations over time. The planning of correct maintenance actions makes it possible to protect a synthetic grassland both against the interactions caused by the actions of the game.

In outdoor padlocks, for example, it is necessary to pay attention to the effects of air agents and pollution. There are additional factors that can damage a synthetic grass padel ground installed outside, such as tree resins close to the structure.

It is therefore important to program periodic field inspections, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations, as well as preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance interventions.

Padel Court Maintenance

The most common maintenance intervention for the synthetic grass padel ground involves filling it with sand. This process is typically carried out through periodic coating brushing. This brushing is essential as it allows for the correct distribution of the sand on the padel court. Furthermore, the distribution is necessary to accommodate the movements of the players on the surface.

To distribute it correctly, you must use a roadmender broom or a rotary brush with flexible nylon strands. This will restore filling in a way regular to promote a more homogeneous ball bounce and avoid the risks to the players’ ligaments.

It is also important to periodically check the filling amount, because it may be necessary to add sand.
Sand can be an excellent breeding ground for weed seeds brought by wind. It is therefore just as important to regularly eliminate weeds, possibly with corrective treatments for natural herbs.

Extraordinary Maintenance

To perform interventions of extraordinary maintenance, it is necessary to contact a company specializing in the Padel court maintenance. Indeed, operations must be carried out by qualified technical personnel, following the instructions in the product manual.

Egy Sports Factory carries out extraordinary maintenance on a semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the different needs for synthetic coating.

In particular, the program of maintenance is as follows:

  1. Coating cleaning and the drainage system
  2. Filling decompaction sand, with a rotary brush
  3. Filling and distributing the sand filling, in places where changes in coating behavior are detected ;
  4. Inspection of marking lines and junctions, to repair or replace items in poor condition ;
  5. Elimination of chewing gum
  6. Application of anti-germinative products to prevent the spread of weeds.

Regular maintenance, combined with periodic inspections and timely interventions, ensures the safety of players and the game quality. Don’t hesitate to contact our company through our Facebook page or Visit our official Website: Egy Sports Factory.