Padel has grown to be one of the most well-liked racket sports worldwide in recent years. Padel court specifications differ significantly from tennis court standards, despite their similarities. These courts, which typically measure just 20 by 10 meters, are, to begin with, considerably smaller than tennis courts. In addition, the court’s surrounding walls or fences are considerably closer together, and the net is lower at just 1.7 meters.

These parameters produce a faster-paced, more aggressive game. It is crucial to comprehend the court specs if you want to start playing Padel.

Padel court specifications

The court surface must be smooth, non-slip, and level. A dashed line that splits the court in half and a service line that is three meters from the rear fence require placement. The net should be in the center of the court, 2.24 meters above the playing surface at its highest point.

Padel size

Typically constructed of concrete, a padel court is somewhat smaller than a tennis court. The court is 10.5 meters in width and 30.5 meters in length. The back wall is 6.1 meters away from the service line. The two 3.05-meter-long service boxes are situated on either side of the center line. The back wall and the baseline are 1.525 meters apart. The height of the net is 1.37 meters at the posts and 0.914 meters in the center.

Double padel specifications

Normally, two teams of two players play Padel, although variations allow for singles and doubles. Similar to tennis, players use bats and balls, and the game follows identical rules and scoring.

A double padel court is a rectangular surface, usually measuring 10 by 20 meters. Typically, people construct Padel courts of concrete, although some may use synthetic or sand-based surfaces. The choice of surface usually depends on personal taste, with concrete being commonly considered the ideal choice due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

There are numerous options for padel court requirements because these courts are growing in popularity. Although there isn’t a single perfect padel court specification, it is crucial to select one that suits your demands and playing style.

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