A Padel Panorama court provides a more expansive exterior perspective. Glass makes up the complete framework that encircles the playing surface. This makes it possible to see the entire court from any location outside of it.

People primarily utilize it during significant games or competitions. For instance, they construct the center court of a paddle court complex in a Padel Panorama to increase its significance. What else, though, sets them apart from “regular” courts? What is their glassware count? Are they more expensive?

What is a Padel Panorama court?

In a Padel Panorama court, the players replace the central carriers of the rear windows with smaller steel or Plexiglas hooks. This allows the windows to extend farther, expanding the game vision.

The absence of obstructions that could obstruct the vision, which is a common consequence of eliminating the poles found in traditional fields, actually makes the game performance even more exciting.

Thanks to this feature, the playing area is significantly bigger, making the performance even more exciting for the audience. For this reason, panoramic padel courts are now preferred over traditional ones at important championships.

The advantages of a Padel Panorama court

Apart from enabling maximum enjoyment of the games, a panoramic padel court offers additional benefits, such as: The room is substantially brighter overall because of the wide windows on either side, which also improves player sight.

If the match gets televised, a panoramic Padel court will be far more appropriate than a regular one because filming would be more difficult with the poles in place.

Due in part to the tranquility that a large court might evoke, athletes who must compete find that the court feels wider than it is.

How to build a Panorama court

The primary distinction between the building of panoramic courts and more conventional ones is the substitution of useful “connectors” between windows for the “classic” poles on the short side. Manufacturers make these tiny components, which provide a better perspective of the game, from plexiglass or steel.

Thus, it is possible to create similarly sturdy and high-quality courts by swapping out the poles with these connectors, simultaneously enhancing the players’ playing conditions.

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