During the production process of fibrillated yarn turf, manufacturers extrude the fibrillated yarn as a wide green film and then repeatedly cut into the shape of a fishing net.

As everyone is aware, fibrillated yarn the first iteration of fake grass yarn. From it, ou Factory develop the others. Till the production of the finished yarn, We do several production processes. Among them is fibrillation. About the sliding effect, the polyethylene fibrillated yarn gives the turf a natural appearance. Not to mention the expensive show.

Fibrillated yarn Turf

Our Factory cut the flat tape yarn discontinuously along its length to create the first type of yarn. It is a fibrillated yarn. To accomplish this manufacturing process, we the roll flat tapes over a roller or drum that has a pattern of sharp pins that, when pulled open, give the yarn the appearance of a “hairnet” or honeycomb.

Composition of Turf Fibers

Usually turf fibers consist of nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene. During the installation process, one or more granular materials are between the fibers to form the base material, also known as infill.

What is Fibrillated yarn Turf used for?

The rolls or slabs that we us them to complete parks, landscaping projects, sports fields, and lawns are turf. Turf is typically more utilitarian than decorative. Turf, for instance, is not Mondo Grass, a gorgeous groundcover that we can use it frequently in garden beds and rockeries.

What is fibrillated polypropylene?

Our company creates Polypropylene Fibrillated fiber by extruding, stretching, cutting, and packing 100 percent virgin polymer. It can make materials more resistant to thawing, freezing, impact, shrinking, cracking, and friction.

Our staff at Egy Sports Factory produces the best-fibrillated yarn turf possible for premium artificial grass. You will always have grass for your business areas or residential lawns thanks to our fibrillated yarn.

Finally, the most recent developments in technology have allowed for an increase in fibrillated yarn’s durability. our factory implement this technology quickly, enabling us to manufacture superior turf. our company Facebook will help you to choose our products and offers.