Padel is a sport related to tennis that synthesizes among several other sports, such as Basque pelota, squash, and tennis. It is gaining more and more followers, and many individuals make private Padel court installation. If you plan to do so, here are some details related to fares and maintenance of the padel court.

Padel court installation

Most of the time, it is better to contact a professional company to build the appropriate Padel court installation. First, the task itself is quite complex and requires some expertise. Then the French tennis federation precisely defines the measures and standards to be observed when constructing a court of this type. The latter must be scrupulously respected, at the risk of building a playing surface that will present a risk for users.

Overall, the construction of a padel land starting from the earth goes through the following stages:

  • Earthworks and land evacuation
  • The manufacture of porous concrete or solid concrete slab ( including slopes for discharging water )
  • Tracing the game perimeter
  • Installation of the metal frame
  • Glass placement
  • Setting up screens
  • Installation of lighting
  • The installation of synthetic grass, sand and fillet.

Padel court installation cost

The price for the Padel court installation varies from one service provider to another. This cost also takes into account your needs and the options included in the construction of the court. Sometimes you should ask for more than one quote to choose the one with the best value for money. In 2017, the average price was generally between 19,000 and 21,000 € for providers offering quality land over an already existing slab. It takes approximately 12,000 € for the creation of a 220 m2 slab.

The price may be higher depending on the options: if you want to install 8 lights instead of 4, use LED or halogen lighting, or use thicker glass, Sometimes also, the type and quality of synthetic grass or the addition of booster nets causes prices to swell.

Padel Maintenance

Even if you can perform part of the tasks inherent in maintaining the structure such as cleaning windows, aeration of grass, and removal of sand, this is again a specific job, meticulous and qualified. You will therefore have to turn once again to a professional company.

The latter must in particular regularly clean the synthetic lawn with the right tools. Then, it uniformly redistributes the sand with a brush in the longitudinal and transverse directions ( 15kg of sand / m2)

Our Egy Sports Factory can maintain and revise the union seals and replace the damaged seals so that the structure remains secure. If the sand is not distributed correctly, it must sometimes be replaced to improve the properties of the padel court and its ability to drain water.

For all these tasks, a qualified company like ours will also issue a precise estimate and carry out the work on time. You can visit our Facebook link or our official website for more information about padel court installation.