A National Lawn and Garden Association survey states that the average turf installation cost per square foot is $4.35. The price of the turf itself, the cost of installation, and the cost of upkeep make up the three primary components of this expense. Because there are so many varieties of turf on the market, the cost of turf installation is the most variable of the three.

The cost of installing turf is comparatively set. Since turf needs fertilizers, and water, the expense of maintenance is also mostly fixed.

Synthetic turf installation cost

Synthetic turf installation cost is typically $15 per square foot. The amount of the area and the type of turf you select will, however, affect the cost. When making your choice, you should take into account more factors than just the initial cost of synthetic turf. You also need to consider the environmental impact and the long-term costs of keeping your turf.

However, in the long run, maintaining a real lawn is far more expensive than maintaining synthetic grass. For instance, you won’t need to mow, fertilize, or hydrate your synthetic turf regularly. Additionally, you won’t have to cope with the annual damage caused by pests that can cost thousands of dollars. Furthermore, artificial turf lasts far longer than real turf since it is not as susceptible to deterioration.

Artificial turf price per sq ft

You are undoubtedly curious about the cost if you want to put artificial turf in your yard. The turf installation cost varies according to its quality and the supplier you choose. On the other hand, the average cost of artificial turf is $5 to $10 per square foot.

How much does our factory charge to install artificial turf

The kind of artificial turf you select will also affect its cost. Turf comes in a wide variety of varieties, and each has a varied cost. The turf that most closely resembles genuine grass in appearance and feel is the priciest variety. This kind of turf is expensive and typically consists of nylon or polyethylene.

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